Linus Technologies, Inc.

Founded 1985 in Reston, VA by Dr. Ralph Sklarew with $11M in venture capital
Status Closed down and liquidated in early 1990


Product Write-Top
Introduced 1987
Production Count About 4000 built, 2000 shipped, rest destroyed
Weight 9 lbs
CPU 7.16MHz 8088
Display backlit monochrome 640x200 (CGA-compatible) LCD
Memory 640K CMOS static RAM, 32K ROM, internal 3.5" floppy
Price $2,795-$3,600


five generations of prototypes
pre-1984 Skarlew worked with Robert Nadeau, Professor of George Mason University, to expand a patent application he had developed for an electronic book. It evolved into a test-taking tablet and then into a handwriting tablet. The original name was "Techbook."
1/17/84 First patent application
2/1/84 First development contact signed
2/84 Specifications documented in business plan
4/84 First-draft patent application
7/84 Demonstration programs in BASIC using a PC and Touch Technologies glass input panel
end of 1984 portable pen PC mock-up makde from portable PC